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It is not in the stars to hold our destiny

AUDITION TIPS ( for anyone who cares)

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AUDITION TIPS ( for anyone who cares)

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Seeing as I'm no expert, I suppose it's a little hyperbolic to call these "tips", but it's advice anyway...things I've done in the past to get myself in a better mood and kill of any pesky audition anxiety.

1. I eat something small and fairly bland. That way, my stomach doesn't suddenly growl but I'm so full that I feel sluggish and sleepy.

2. I try to read the entire play beforehand. I'm getting to be a bigger stickler about this, but IF for some CRAZY reason, you haven't had the chance to read the entire thing and all you have are the audition sides to go on, here's a less stress method;

Read over the sides at least three times, BY YOURSELF. You never know who you'll be paired with (if the side requires more than one person) and it also helps for concentration.  When you do go in to read, if you're really unfamiliar, just listen. Don't take ridiculous pauses, but no one will judge you if your cues are not like lightning during an audition. I'd rather an actor know what they're saying than be flashy.

3. Try to socialize A LITTLE BIT. Like I said above about the reading the sides by yourself, sandwich your prep time in between brief conversation. Don't overdue one or the other. Too much studying, you'll drive yourself crazy and overanalyze the script. Too much socializing, and you've broken your concentration.

4. KEEP WATER HANDY. It clears your throat, calms you down, and if the weather's hot, you'll want it anyway.

5. BREATHE and LAUGH. Keep an open mind and don't take yourself  too seriously. Anything can happen at an audition. You may think it sucked when the director loved it, and vice versa. you may be asked to read a role you didn't audition for or didn't have in mind. KICK ASS AT EVERY THING THE DIRECTOR GIVES YOU TO READ!  Why would you do that if you're reading a role you don't want? BECAUSE, as an ensemble, director's are looking for the most respectful, responsible and adaptable actors as well as the most suited for each role. If you go into read for a part and you're visibly annoyed or you "throw" your audition cause you could give a shit less, the director will know. Trust me....they'll know.

6. TAKE IT ALL IN STRIDE and KEEP IT IN PERSPECTIVE. I realize that in a camp atmosphere, everyone knows they'll be cast in some part. But what kind of teacher would I be if I didn't remind you of the reality. IN ANOTHER AUDITION, you won't necessarily have that luxury. If you're cast in a role that you weren't expecting (or perhaps, didn't want) take it in stride. Cause in another audition, if you threw a tantrum because you didn't get cast in the role you wanted....you won't even have the role you didn't like anymore.

Look at it this way;
You have a role. There, art thou happy?

Experience is experience is experience and so on. The people who piss and moan about getting large roles are the same ones complaining a week later about how many lines they have to memorize....
and I've never understood the attitude of  " I didn't want this role".  Count yourselves lucky that we don't hold auditions to actually be IN the camp. This is a learning experience that has a lot of "real world" benefits but it is still slightly skewed. Bottom line: A good attitude will get you everywhere, and it'll save you a lot of stress in the end.

And for what it's worth, (I'll speak for myself ) I'm here to talk if anyone wants to. I know it's easier said than done to just "get over it" when you don't get a role you really wanted, but you kind of have to. Cause once that cast list is posted, you have a job to do. You gotta tell a story, as a team, and tell it to the best of your abilities. And there's small choice in rotten apples.


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